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Product Details:

Length: 30.75'' (78 cm)

18k gold plated

Elastic rubber loops & lobster clasp closure


How many time have you misplaced your glasses?

Well, You don’t have to remember where you placed them, because they will be right with you all the time. This elegant glasses chain is very useful to keep your glasses where you never lose track of them again.

It can be used with eyeglasses or sunglasses and can be worn with any outfit or frame to add an elegant touch of understated glam and a chic look without dominating your style.

A classy minimalist style handmade from 18K gold plated chains and finished with lobster clasp closure attached to a rubber ends to safely secure your glasses.

It comes with extra rubber ends to replace them if they wear off by the time.

Glasses Chain

GST/HST Included
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